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Aum's Laws of Living
Aum's Laws of Living

What is the meaning of AUM'S LAWS OF LIVING?


AUM is a mystical word.
is the origin of the WORD..
is the origin of music, of sound……. of intelligence…….
of happiness… the source of all.
is the symbolic representation of the Ultimate truth ……... of reality.

LAW Eternal Laws are based on the truth.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says...

When a seer speaks the truth he declares the law, and if he declares the law he speaks the truth. The Law and the truth are one.

The Aum's Laws of Living are the essence of the truth discovered by the Vedic Seers of India

The AUM's Laws of Living are presented in a unique manner.

A method called "Spotting the tiny star Arundathi"

Arundhati – daršana- nyaya

Arundhati stands for a tiny star in the sky, normally not easily visible to the eye. - concept not easily understood.

For spotting the elusive star, the Guru (teacher) would first show a bright planet near Arundhati. When the student sees it, he/she is told that it is not the star Arundhati, but another one near it. This process is repeated till the real star Arundhati is reached.

Truth has to be seen from different angles. Understanding it from many angles gives complete learning.

The sages of ancient India used this method.

The presentations in AUM's Laws OF LIVING are based on this model, represented by the diagram…… we call it the "Arundhati compass"

For example the Law of Maya, (section 3), is linked to related topics A3, B3, C3, D3 and E3 . Viewed from the different perspectives this elusive concept is easy to understand.

A. By Animations

B. By Parables

C. By Symbolism

D. By Audio download

E. By "further reading"(essay)

H. "HOME IN" on the concept by self reflection

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